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Paying Homage helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
Hi, I’m Allison Shaw and I’m the Creator and Founder of Homäge.

We all have special moments throughout our life. You know the ones, the ones that you re-live over and over in your mind. What if you could memorialize them? Honor them? Relive them with family and friends? The very definition of homage is the act of showing public respect or honor to someone or something. Paying homage… people have done it for hundreds and hundreds of years. With Homäge, the online memory and honor website, you can do what people have done for centuries. Own, honor, and share your memories. Homage is probably like nothing you have ever seen before. That’s because in its purest form, it allows you to pay tribute to those you love and honor.

At homage, you can buy any place that is on google maps. We like to call these places, Mages. Once you buy a Mage, you can dedicate it to any person or pet you like. We like to call these Omes. You can post a picture and bio of your Ome, but best of all, part of the proceeds goes to the charity of your choice in your Ome’s name.

Your Mage Page will have an Album Section that other users can post pictures of your Mage. Imagine if you bought your high school and a user posted an old photo of it from 1920. The Mage Page will also have a Blog Section so people can relive stories of going to that same high school. The page will have a message section that users can post and reply. Perhaps the new principle wants to announce that tomorrow is a snow day, or not to forget that Homecoming is Friday. Lastly, the page will have a Section for your Charity that others can donate in your Omes’ name.

I sincerely hope that this site helps bring memories of people and places together to pay Homäge to those we love.

Allison Shaw
Founder of Homäge